Superior East OPP Remind Snowmobilers of Important Rules

Local police are reminding snowmobilers of important rules for the season.

Superior East OPP emphasize that those under 12 years old can only drive a snowmachine on private property only, and those who are 12 or older must have a valid motorized snow vehicle operator's licence, which is restricted to snowmobile trails only - you can only travel on or cross allowed roads if you have a valid driver's licence.

Police also emphasize that speed is often a factor in snowmobile collisions, reminding the limit is 50 kilometres an hour on snowmobile trails, as well as roads where the normal speed limit is over 50 - for roads where the limit is normally 50 or less, snowmobiles must go no faster than 20 kilometres an hour, which is the limit for any public parks or exhibition grounds that allow them - but OPP emphasize you should confirm what is allowed by municipal by-laws.