Wawa Welcomes New Municipal Council

Wawa has a new municipal council - though it includes a few familiar faces.

That's the sound of Wawa's new Council taking their oaths of office - they'll now serve a four year term, ending in December 2022.

Second-term Mayor Ron Rody says it was good to return to Council after being away from chambers for five weeks due to illness - and he's eager to work with the returning and new councillors.

Councillor Bill Chiasson is thankful he's been elected to a third term.

Councillor Pat Tait - who was appointed in April before winning election for a full term - warned during his speech to attendees that Council may need to make tough decisions over the term, but he was positive following the meeting.

New Councillor Mitcheline - or Mitch - Hatfield was similarly eager to get to work.

New Councillor Robert Reece also expressed excitement and eagerness.

Their first meeting will be held next Tuesday, December 11th.

The new Chapleau Town Council was also sworn-in last night, with Mayor Michael Levesque starting his second term, joined by returning councillors Gerard Bernier and Rick Smith, as well as former councillor Lisi Bernier and new councillor Nicolle Schuurman.