Canadian Milk Tour Visits Wawa

The Wawa Goose was visited Tuesday night by a special cow supporting the Canadian dairy industry.
Henk and Bettina Schuurmans rode their tractor - complete with large plastic cow "Maple" - into Wawa as part of their "Canadian Milk Tour" from their farm in Elmira (in the Kitchener-Waterloo area of southern Ontario) to Vancouver.
Henk Schuurmans explains this is the couple's own initiative, calling for milk to stay 100 percent Canadian amid U-S efforts to end Canada's supply management system - a system Schuurmans praises.

Schuurmans also touts superior quality of Canadian milk, pointing to a monitoring system that helps maintain high standards.
A ninth generation farmer - who notes his last name means "man from the barn" - Schuurmans says he has over three decades experience in the dairy industry, adding that - of his five children - all three sons want to be dairy farmers, but he's worried "maybe" 10 percent of Canada's 11,000 dairy farms would survive without supply management.
The "Canadian Milk Tour" continued on to White River Tuesday night, and is now heading further west.