Wawa Council Approves Tender For Waterfront Project Construction Phase

Wawa Municipal Council's approved a tender for the major construction phase of the Wawa Waterfront Project.
In their meeting last night, Council agreed to accept the sole tender submitted, from J. Provost Contracting, though - while the resolution passed last night pegs the cost at $1,118,700, which is above the pre-design estimate - Community Services and Tourism Director Alex Patterson says it will actually be much lower than that.


Patterson notes the approvals mean contracts can now be signed, and that will mean work should start soon.

In addition to the construction phase 1, J. Provost Contracting was last month awarded a nearly $51-thousand tender to build and install ten stalls for the "Goose Market" which will be located at Heritage Park, across from Lion's Beach - another part of the waterfront project.