Greyhound Ending Service in Wawa and Western Canada

Greyhound is ending Canadian service west of Sudbury.
The busing company says it has made the "difficult decision" to downsize operations as of October 31st, citing a 41 percent decline in ridership since 2010, particularly in rural communities.
Those cuts include the end of operations in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta - with only a Vancouver-to-Seattle route remaining for British Columbia - though Greyhound will keep its southern Ontario routes, going into the US, as far east as Montreal and as far north as Sudbury.
The end of service west of Sudbury means places like Wawa, Sault Ste. Marie, communities along the northshore of Lake Huron, and west to Thunder Bay will no longer have access to Greyhound.
Currently, Wawa only sees Greyhound twice a day - a westbound bus at 3:05 in the morning and an eastbound bus at 4:20 in the afternoon - as the bus company has cut service in the region multiple times in recent years - most recently cutting it in half to only the single trip in each direction in September 2015.
It's based at the Michipicoten Memorial Community Centre, after issues finding another host in the town.
This won't leave Wawa and area entirely without inter-community bus service, as Ontario Northland expanded its routes in January as far west as White River - that bus stops at the SPG Wawa twice a day: heading toward Sault Ste. Marie at 8:30 in the morning, and toward White River at 2:40 in the afternoon.

More information on Greyhound's decision can be found on their website.