Restricted Fire Zone Reduced, No Longer Covers Wawa or Chapleau

Fire restrictions have been lifted from much of Northeastern Ontario - including local communities.
Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has announced the Restricted Fire Zone which had been in place for most of the northeast - and parts of central Ontario - has been severely reduced, only covering parts of the Sudbury, North Bay, and Parry Sound districts.
That includes the more than 11,000 hectare Parry Sound 33 - which is now "being held" - and part of the Lady Evelyn Fire Cluster within the North Bay district, but not the largest fire in the cluster, which is currently more than 27,000 hectares in size, but also "being held".
Details about the RFZ area and rules can be found on the MNRF's website.
This means there is no longer an MNRF-imposed fire ban for local communities like Wawa, Chapleau, Hawk Junction, Dubreuilville, White River, and Hornepayne, though the ministry notes it is up to each municipality to decide whether to allow burning again.
The Wawa Fire Department has confirmed open air burn permits issued by the Municipality of Wawa are valid again.
As for local fire activity, there was a 0.1 hectare forest fire in the Wawa district yesterday - northwest of White River - though it has been called out.