Wawa Council Approves Emergency Repairs At Community Centre

Wawa Municipal Council has approved over $100,000 in emergency repairs at the Michipicoten Memorial Community Centre.
Absent Mayor Ron Rody and Councillor Julia Rowe, Council heard during Tuesday night's meeting that three major issues that have arisen at the Community Centre since late in the ice season.
Community Services and Tourism Director Alex Patterson explained the first problem was raised a few months ago: leaks in the arena's dry sprinkler system.
He explained staff attempted to resolve the problem with multiple repairs but ended up capping the system, though Patterson says staff have now determined the problem: age.

Patterson says the repairs will focus on the mains, as that's where the leaks have been.
The contractor who does the work will also provide the municipality with an "expected life" for the remaining pipes, so that can be covered in the municipal asset management plan.
The second major problem raised by Patterson was the failure of a hot water tank, which has not yet prevented the use of hot water in the Community Centre, though he recommended replacing that tank and a second tank with it, warning the second tank was likely to fail and noting concerns raised when they were installed in 2015.

Patterson assures the tanks are being replaced with tanks the municipality can get a warranty on, can service, and can find spare parts through a local contractor.
The third major problem raised was the elevator, again due to age and other problems.

Patterson recommended completely replacing the elevator, which he expects will be paid off in the money saved on repair costs "very quickly".
His recommendation to Council outlined a total budget of $103,511 to address all three problems - Council agreed to provide those funds, which will come out of reserves.