Chapleau Town Council Opts Out of Allowing Private Pot Shops

Chapleau Town Council's rejecting cannabis retail stores - for now, at least.

Mayor Michael Levesque says Council has decided to "opt out" of allowing private cannabis retail stores in the community.

Mayor Levesque says the concerns are about the rules regarding the stores, not about the rules for legalized cannabis use.

Mayor Levesque notes - while Council has decided to opt out for now - there is the possibility Council will decide to "opt in" at some point in the future, but last night's decision will allow councillors more time to learn about provincial rules for cannabis retail stores and possibly update by-laws.

The provincial government has given municipalities until January 22nd to "opt out" of hosting private cannabis retail stores, with the ability to "opt in" at a later date, though once a municipality has opted in, it won't be able to opt back out.