Wawa Fire Chief Adds Regional Role

Wawa's fire chief is adding a new job to his resume: a regional role.

Council's approved the appointment of Fire Chief Kevin Sabourin - the municipality's Assistant Director of Protective Services - as the "Mutual Aid Coordinator" for the Algoma Mutual Aid Association, a role Sabourin explains as a coordinator for the region.

As an example, Sabourin references the Elliot Lake mall disaster, which saw fire services from nearby communities help in the city, while other nearby fire services had to help cover the communities that were providing help in Elliot Lake.

Sabourin told Council he expects the role to require one or two hours a week of work with very little travel, able to do most of the work remotely or by combining it with other meetings.

Council's also approved another regional appointment: Councillor Mitch Hatfield as council representative to the Algoma Public Health Board of Directors.