IT Problems Continue For Local Hospitals

Computer problems are continuing to effect local hospitals - but the situation's improving.

Health Sciences North had confirmed late yesterday that all 24 of Northeastern Ontario's hospitals had been impacted by "IT challenges" from a "zero day virus" since 8 o'clock Wednesday morning - 21 put the main electronic medical record system on downtime, 12 put the electronic medical record system for cancer programs on downtime, and ten put their medical imaging system on downtime, while four hospitals had their email and back office servers impacted, though the Sudbury hospital now says "good progress" has been made on the "progressive restoration of systems that are on downtime", "on track to begin partial restoration of some systems later today".

Natasha Comte, the Interim CEO at Services de Santé de Chapleau Health Services, explains the Chapleau hospital's affected by the IT issues, but is continuing through.

Lady Dunn Health Centre CEO and Director of Patient Care Services Kadean Ogilvie-Pinter says the Wawa hospital's regained access to some systems, but not the important electronic patient records, though there are tentative timelines for progress.

In response to the issues, the Wawa hospital's temporarily closed its laboratory for outpatient services and the diagnostic imaging department will not be performing outpatient ultrasounds or x-rays, though it has promised to accommodate Cancer Care patients and has asked anyone with an ultrasound appointment to call the hospital to confirm the appointment's status - and the Emergency Department remains open, regardless.