Wawa Waterfront Project to Continue In Spring

Despite failing to meet goals for last year's construction, Wawa's waterfront project is expected to get going again later this year.

During this week's Corporate Planning and Policy Manual Committee meeting, Community Services and Tourism Director Alex Patterson told Municipal Council that the project fell short of its planned schedule of construction and is paused due to current weather conditions, but - while speaking to JJAM FM News - remained confident the work will be done.

Patterson expects a "proper timeline" will be determined soon - in terms of what work will be done and when - with the second phase of work to include "the fun stuff", like play and recreational equipment, as well as "the visual things that make it look really nice and tie the whole project together".

Also added to that will be some repairs to the swales after damaging storms in the fall - shortly after construction - and Patterson says it may meed modifications to the plans.

Another design change is also planned: bridges over the swales, an idea that was in the original "Lapointe" plan but was dropped for this iteration, though Patterson now says they will be added to address complaints that the swales prevent people from walking straight down the beach - he adds that the extra cost will be covered in the funded contingency, and because other parts of the project have come in under budget.

Further community outreach is also intended, to help explain the project to residents.