More Time For Input on Renaming Local Lakes

Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is giving more time for input as it considers naming a few local lakes after Canadian Armed Forces members who died in service.

A questionnaire posted on the MNRF website originally gave until January 23, 2018 for comment - that was later clarified as a mistake, and that the date should have been January 30th, 2019, though the site now shows the deadline is February 6th.

At the centre of the discussion are seven lakes "south of Negwazu Lake in the District of Algoma" that the Ontario Geographic Names Board does not believe have names - two are in the "Geographic Township of Bernst", two in the "Geographic Township of Ashley", and the other three clustered in the "Geographic Township of Alanen".

Proposed names: "Singh Lake", for Royal Canadian Infantry Private Bukan Singh, who died during the First World War; "Gibbs Lake", for Royal Canadian Air Force Navigator Reginald Cuthbert Gibbs, who died during the Second World War; "Perrier" and "Pitt" Lakes, for Royal Canadian Navy seamen who died after a fire on the HMCS Nipigon in 1965; and "Stringer", "Galloway", and "Hardy" Lakes for three Royal Canadian Navy seamen who died after an explosion on the HMCS Kootenay in 1969.