Cannabis-Related Charges For 2 Men in White River

Two drivers are facing cannabis-related charges after being stopped in White River.

Superior East Ontario Provincial Police say they stopped a 21-year-old British Columbia driver early on the afternoon of December 29th, with officers detecting an odour of cannabis emanating from the vehicle, leading them to seize a small amount of dried cannabis.

The driver was charged with driving a vehicle with cannabis readily available.

On the evening of January 1st, officers stopped a 27-year-old Etobicoke man for failing to move over, with officers again detecting an odour of cannabis from inside the vehicle - that led them to seize a small amount of cannabis, with charges laid for driving with cannabis readily available, and being a Class G-1 licence holder unaccompanied by a qualified driver.

While cannabis is legal to possess and consume, OPP remind you can only have it in a vehicle if it's still in its unopened original packaging or is in baggage that is fastened closed and is not otherwise readily available.