Sault Ste. Marie OPP Lament Increasing Pocket Dials and Non-Emergency Calls to 911

A neighbouring OPP detachment's warning of an increase in "non-emergent" 911 calls.

Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Provincial Police say statistics show the number of 911 calls within the detachment area have increased because of non-emergency calls and "pocket dials" - but OPP lament that, noting 911 calls require two officers to respond to confirm the nature of the call, taking up the officers' time by travelling and investigating pocket dials or non-emergency calls.

OPP remind there is a separate phone line for non-emergencies, and ask the public help in a few ways, including: staying on the line if you accidentally call 911, to verify that it was an accidental call; locking your cell phone when it's in your pocket or purse; and not letting children play with your phone.