Dubreuilville Receives Provincial Support for Arena Renovations

Dubreuilville's arena will get some needed upgrades and maintenance thanks to some provincial support.

The local community is receiving $150,000 over twelve months from the Ontario Trillium Foundation - as part of $83-million being provided to 404 non-profit initiatives - with three parts to the project: upgrades to the lobby doors to restrict access when the upstairs is rented out; the removal, re-grading, and pouring of a new concrete pad for the ice resurfacer, as it has shifted to lean toward the building, causing water to move toward the building's foundation; and upgrades to the roof, adding insulation and waterproofing.

Leisure and Cultural Services Director Rejean Raymond explains the work is necessary to keep the arena functioning into the future.

Raymond notes work will be done this summer, to minimize any impact to service - it should be complete by the end of August, just before the return of the local Strongman Competition and the start of ice season.