Wawa Winter Carnival Crawls Into Town

Wawa's annual Winter Carnival is promising a weekend of fun activities - with a theme that may "bug" some people: bugs.

The theme ties in with the return of Entomica - "the bug people" - though Wawa's Assistant Director of Community Services and Tourism, Brian Lachine, assures the Rotary pancake breakfasts will be "bug-free", despite this year's theme - and he notes the annual parade is tonight.

While events at the Community Centre include the Artisans Fair, Family Bingo, and Figure Skating Club Showcase on Saturday, Lachine also highlights various events throughout the community like the wing ding, rock n' roll party, and cribbage - all at the Legion - as well as the Cardboard Box Race at Queen's Park Monday afternoon, and the stew supper at the United Church Monday night.

He also reminds volunteers are wanted for the Carnival, encouraging anyone willing to help to contact him.

In the lead up to this year's Carnival, the Wawa Public Library's put out "bug booklets" for children to complete - kids could win a prize if the booklet's brought back to the library by 2:30 this afternoon.

The Carnival schedule is available at the Wawa Recreation Facebook page and at the Community Centre, which is where Carnival Pins can be found.