Chapleau Council Defers Decision on Naloxone Kits For Firefighters

Chapleau Town Council's holding off on deciding whether to approve plans to get more than two dozen naloxone kits for the local fire department.

Councillor Rick Smith - who chaired Tuesday's meeting, as Deputy Mayor - explains Council wanted more details.

Councillor Smith expects the information requested will be provided by the next meeting of Council, which is scheduled for March.

Wawa Municipal Council approved a similar request from the Wawa Fire Department in October - plans were for Algoma Public Health to train the Wawa firefighters in use of the naloxone kits, to be kept in all fire department response vehicles for easy access, meant to help in case firefighters encounter someone overdosing on opioids - or in case a firefighter accidentally comes in contact with opioids, such as fentanyl or carfentanil.