Lady Dunn Health Centre Requests Wawa Council Support Recruitment and Retention Efforts

Wawa's hospital is asking Municipal Council to help with recruitment and retention efforts - and not just for doctors.

Lady Dunn Health Centre CEO Kadean Ogilvie-Pinter made the request while speaking to Council earlier this week, outlining current staffing levels and issues for recruitment, like difficulty getting people that have qualifications for multiple functions.

Ogilvie-Pinter explains she views recruiting and retaining staff at the hospital as not just important for the facility, but for the overall well-being of the community.

While Ogilvie-Pinter says the hospital has a good compliment of seven physicians, she says more nursing and laboratory staff are needed - and she wants to ensure an agreement's in place now, to be prepared for any other recruitment needs or to help retain the current staff.

Following the presentation to Council, Mayor Ron Rody spoke in favour of providing support, suggesting Council may re-write a previous by-law which provided funds to support physician recruitment efforts.

Rody noted there'd need to be a review of what funds are available to help, and suggested Ogilvie-Pinter discuss a possible plan with incoming Municipal CAO Maury O'Neill.