Wawa Municipal Council to Hold February Regular Meeting

Wawa Municipal Council is set to hold their monthly regular meeting.

Included on the agenda are resolutions: confirming the schedule of meetings through June; confirming an agreement between the Wawa Public Library and Hawk Junction Local Services Board; approving the Regional Economic Development Officer Group collaboration agreement; and receiving monthly reports from department heads, as well as the annual report on last year's Northern Nationals Drag Race.

Council will also consider a by-law to amend the Zoning By-Law, with respect to land at 23 Mackey Street, and may also discuss a letter from multinational mining and resources company Rio Tinto, notifying of mineral exploration activity on the Lakemount Property about 12 kilometres northeast of Wawa.

There are also three "in-camera" items on the agenda: a legal issue involving an insurance claim; a personnel issue involving clarification of USW articles; and a personnel issue involving the search for a new CAO.

Aside from the "in-camera" portion, tonight's meeting is open to the public, starting at 6 o'clock in Council Chambers.