Goose Nest Market Near Wawa Waterfront to Open Canada Day

Wawa's waterfront area should have a new attraction this summer: the "Goose Nest Market".

Community Services and Tourism Director Alex Patterson explains the "community market" is set to launch Canada Day, with a plan for it to be unveiled before March Break - though he notes that could be modified, calling the market "a big trial".

Underscoring that it is a community market, Patterson says staff will be listening to feedback from the community, applying it for future years and possibly even this summer.

Council approved support for a funding application which would support a summer project coordinator for the market - with the Municipality committing $5000 toward the total project cost of $85,000 - and Patterson explains this will be a project of the Wawa Economic Development Corporation, as the entire Waterfront project is a partnership between the Municipality and the EDC, who he notes have been vital in securing funding for the project.

While Patterson says work on the waterfront's set to resume around the Victoria Day long weekend - and enough should be complete for the Goose Nest Market to open Canada Day - he notes some work will still be done after that date, partly because of work not complete due to different factors last year, and partly because some work - such as signage - can't be completed until construction's done.

Patterson expects a "community consultation session" on the Waterfront Project either later this month or early next month, to be announced soon.