Local MP Receives NDP Nomination for Fall Federal Election

Longtime local MP Carol Hughes will run on behalf of the New Democrats this fall.

Hughes was officially nominated as the NDP candidate for Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing in a meeting held in Elliot Lake last night, with her nomination uncontested.

Speaking during the meeting, Hughes recounted issues and projects she's worked on since her election in 2008, highlighted NDP proposals for a universal single-payer pharmacare system, a crackdown on tax cheats, and funding for First Nations education and safe drinking water on reserves.

Hughes also took aim at the Liberal government for failing to deliver promised electoral reform, a "glacier-like pace of action on climate change" and for letting corporate influence remain "more important than the needs and concerns of hard-working Canadians".

If elected this fall, it would be the fourth term for Hughes.