Wawa Council Confirms Funding For Waterfront Project After Trillium Cut

Wawa Municipal Council's guaranteeing funding for the Wawa Waterfront Project, after a delay in work caused the loss of some funding.

Community Services and Tourism Director Alex Patterson explains there was a reduction in the amount provided by the Ontario Trillium Fund.

Patterson says that meant the Municipality needed to assure another major funder, the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation - or NOHFC - that the funds would still be covered, though he notes this project is special, as it has a "funded contingency".

Patterson emphasizes the contingency is money the Municipality doesn't intend to spend - to cover shortfalls like unknown costs or other uncontrollable factors - and having it 90 percent funded means "our tax dollars are much less at risk" for the project.

Work on the Waterfront Project's expected to resume in May - once weather and related conditions are favourable - and an open house on the project is expected soon.