Wawa Business Improvement Association Elects New Board

Wawa's Business Improvement Association has chosen a few new board members.

During last week's annual general meeting, board members Ron Ouellette, Liz-Talian-Clarke, and Heidi McLaren were re-appointed for the next four-year term, joined by new members Richard Lacroix, Hamza Khattak, and Brenda Ouellette, who'd announced at the start of the meeting that she was stepping down as executive secretary/treasurer.

Mayor Ron Rody will fill out the board, as the Municipal Council representative.

The BIA bid farewell to departing board members: chair Betty McGie, Bonnie Smedts, and Maury O'Neill, who is leaving the group as she becomes Municipal CAO/Treasurer next week.

The Municipality's Assistant Director of Community Services and Tourism, Brian Lachine, also spoke to the BIA about local tourism initiatives - including a planned tourism plan - and provided an update on the waterfront project.