Chapleau Council Gets First Look at 2019 Operating Budget

Chapleau Town Council is considering this year's municipal operating budget.

A draft version of the document was presented to Council for review during Monday night's meeting, and Mayor Michael Levesque says some changes were made.

Mayor Levesque says the budget won't expect "the same extent" of snow as this year - as it's been an "exceptional year" - though it will be higher than previously budgeted, with more exact details to be worked out in the future.

As for potential changes to tax or other rates, Levesque will only say that "several options" are being prepared for future budget discussions - while the next regular Council meeting will be April 8th, a finance meeting is scheduled on April 29th, and Levesque suggests the budget should be confirmed in the latter meeting, possibly with discussions in the earlier meeting.

Mayor Levesque also notes plans to meet with RYAM about road conditions - and potential for partnering to address them - and notes a recent meeting with the Fire Marshall, as the Township looks at updating policies and procedures.

Council's also set to attend some training soon, including on standards of care for municipal water systems.