Local Names Appear on Annual "Sunshine List"

Ontario's "Sunshine List" is continuing to grow.

The list documenting the salaries of Ontario public sector workers who made at least six figures in salary and taxable benefits last year grew by 19,000 - about 14.5% - as 150,602 names are on the list.

There are some locals, including Wawa's now-former CAO/Clerk-Treasurer, Chris Wray, who saw nearly $157-thousand in combined salary and benefits - down from the more than $158,000 reported last year - though now-Clerk Cathy Cyr makes the list, as well, receiving over $101,000 as Acting CAO.

For the first time in years, Chapleau has an employee on the list - CAO Chelsea Swearengen received about $102-thousand in combined salary and benefits - though there is no name from Dubreuilville, and White River's sole employee to make the list is a nurse practitioner.

Superior East OPP Commander Megan Cavanagh is also on the list, up from about $141,000 to less than $157,000, while the MNRF District Managers for Wawa and Chapleau both make the list.

Both local hospitals have names on the list, including Lady Dunn Health Centre CEO and Director of Patient Care Kadean Ogilvie-Pinter with nearly $151,000 in salary and benefits - up from nearly $139,000 - while now former-Chapleau Health Services CEO Karen Hill earned more than $142,000.

The Lady Dunn Health Centre's Chief Financial Officer also makes the list, along with two registered nurses, a medical lab tech, a senior ultrasound tech, the Dubreuilville nursing supervisor, and a nurse practitioner, while Chapleau Health Services has four registered nurses, a senior lab technologist, the Director of Finance and Human Resources, and the Director of Clinical Services all on the list.

Most local school principals are on the list - with salaries and benefits ranging from just shy of $115,000 to nearly $130,000 - while most school board executives also made the list.

Premier for only the first half of the year, Kathleen Wynne saw a $46,000 pay cut as she received less than $163,000, while NDP Leader Andrea Horwath got a $13,000 pay bump - receiving over $171,000 - as she spent half the year as Opposition leader.

Premier Doug Ford received the least of any MPP to make the list - shy of $113,000 - though he only spent half the year as an MPP and now-former PC Leader Patrick Brown received over $140,000, which is high for an MPP who was in his first term, and only served until June.

More locally, Algoma-Manitoulin NDP MPP Michael Mantha got a nearly $10,000 raise - receiving over $132,000 in salary and benefits as he also became caucus chair for the province's Official Opposition after the June election, while Sault Ste. Marie's PC MPP, Ross Romano, topped $125,000, as he was made Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Indigenous Services after the June election.

Once again at the top of the list is Ontario Power Generation CEO Jeffrey Lyash, who received over $1,750,000 in salary and benefits, a $200,000 raise, though he's only one of four OPG executives in the list's top ten.

The PC government says it shows a need to review public sector compensation costs to stay sustainable, while the NDP warn Ontarians are "in for a shock" when the 2019 list is released next year.