Chapleau Council Discusses Snow Removal

Snow has become an important topic in Chapleau.

Removal of snow was discussed by Chapleau Town Council - and in a recent emergency management meeting - and Mayor Michael Levesque says residents have also asked him whether snow banks will be removed, though he says the Township can't do that, noting the above-average amount of snow.

A notice from the Township advises people monitor roof snow conditions and "take the necessary action to maintain safe roof loads", reminding the weight of snow varies by density, composition, and ice buildup.

The notice also reminds property owners that the warmer spring temperatures bring the potential for "water ponding", recommending property owners ensure they have a working sump pump which drains to the exterior of the building - not the municipal sewage system - and that sewage vent pipes - as well as furnace intake and exhaust pipes - are clear of snow and ice.