Chapleau Council Identifies Infrastructure Priorities

Chapleau Town Council's set some priorities for local infrastructure work.

While the budget was not discussed during Monday's meeting, Mayor Michael Levesque says Council did choose a project to submit for provincial funding, though he notes the funding criteria have changed.

Mayor Levesque says that means the Township needed to be careful about projects chosen, as it leaves the question of whether to pave a road but not fix pipes, since that part wouldn't be covered by the provincial funding.

In the end, Council did pick a project which Mayor Levesque says has been identified as "most needy".

Mayor Levesque says the Township's bill for the project would be $300,000, to cover works on water pipes and sewer work in that area, though the project will only go ahead if the provincial funding application is approved.

The mayor also notes plans for work on three local bridges: the Monk Street, Lisgar Street, and Pedestrian bridges.

Mayor Levesque expects that work to be done this summer.