Wawa Council Holding Back-to-Back Meetings

Wawa Municipal Council's set to hold back-to-back meetings tonight.

Council's decided to combine the monthly Corporate Planning and Policy committee meetings into one tonight, with items on the agenda including: scheduling of meetings; beautification of municipal main streets; a revised sewer connection policy; the disabled parking by-law; an organizational chart; a request to allow bistro tables on the sidewalk for a local business; and a request for support regarding curbside recycling.

The committee meeting will be followed by a regular meeting of Council, with items carrying over from the committee meeting including monthly reports from department heads and a by-law for a student wage policy.

They'll also discuss the BIA budget.

There are also a few "in-camera" items on the Council meeting agenda, all legal issues: two involving insurance claims and the other relating to a Freedom of Information request.

Aside from the "in-camera" portion, the meetings are open to the public, starting at 6:30 in Council Chambers.