Wawa Council to Start and End Day With Meetings

Wawa Municipal Council is starting and ending the day with meetings.

A special meeting has been called for 9 am today, with a single item on the agenda: an in-camera legal issue regarding the sale of land - the land isn't specified, and it's unclear whether the Municipality is selling it, buying it, or otherwise involved.

In-camera meetings are not open to the public.

Council will also meet tonight, for a regular meeting.

On that agenda are resolutions: proclaiming May "Huntington Disease Awareness Month"; proclaiming May 19th to 25th "National Public Works Week"; and accepting the annual statement of remuneration and expenses for Municipal Council and Boards.

Also on the agenda is a by-law appointing Heather Rainville as Acting Deputy Treasurer, as well as the new Cemetery by-law, which was presented to Council in November and recently returned to the Municipality with approval from the provincial regulator, the Bereavement Authority of Ontario.

There's also an in-camera item: a legal issue regarding a Freedom of Information request.

Aside from the in-camera part, tonight's meeting is open to the public, starting at 6:30 pm in Council Chambers.