Wawa Council Approves Tax Rate Deduction for New Subclass

Wawa Municipal Council's also approved a slight change for a small subclass of taxpayers.

Council was informed last week that the newly created "Industrial Small-Scale On-Farm Business Subclass" was eligible for a 75 percent tax rate deduction, with staff confirming that "approximately one" business would fall under that specific category.

Staff warned Council that applying that rate deduction would shift the tax burden slightly to other categories - to compensate for the loss of that revenue - though it was estimated last night that it would amount to about $600 this year.

Mayor Ron Rody stated he didn't mind the idea - suggesting it would need to be re-thought if it would've been a much larger shift - with Council agreeing, passing a resolution to apply the tax rate deduction starting this year, though Rody did suggest it could be revisited, if that subclass begins to include more businesses.