Municipality of Wawa Applying For Connecting Link Funding Again

The Municipality of Wawa is once again seeking "Connecting Link" funding for changes to Mission Road - and work on Main Street.

While he acknowledges that the municipality's unsuccessfully applied for Connecting Link funding for this stretch of road multiple times in recent years, Infrastructure Services Director Cory Stainthorpe says the current proposal - still subject to changes in the design phase - has changed from the original focus on resurfacing without curb, gutter, or sidewalk work.

Stainthorpe adds the switch to two lanes with a middle turning lane - and the addition of bike lanes that would likely be closed during winter - is expected to help reduce travel speed along Mission Road, eliminating opportunity for drivers to weave in and out of lanes - and he says the middle lane generally makes it safer and improves flow, following adjustments.

Another key part of the proposal would be crosswalks, proposed for three points: the intersection of Mission Road with Churchill and Winston; the intersection of Mission and Magpie; and the intersection of Mission with Main and Third.

While there is a crossing guard at Mission and Magpie, Stainthorpe says they have limited hours and there are other points where traffic is a problem.

Stainthorpe emphasizes the project does rely on provincial funding, though he warns - if it isn't done soon - then the municipality may need to work on the road, anyway.

He suggests the Municipality may also take the opportunity to extend the water main along Subway toward the Viking Apartments to install a fire hydrant - something the Municipality would need to cover, as the provincial funding wouldn't.