Municipality of Wawa Seeking Funding to Reconstruct Road Surfaces in School Zone

The Municipality of Wawa's hoping for funding to reconstruct streets in the town's "School Zone".

Council has approved a recommendation from Infrastructure Services Director Cory Stainthorpe to apply for funding through the "Rural and Northern Communities Funding Stream" of the federal "Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program".

Plans are to use the funds to reconstruct the road surface of the zone while includes Magpie Road, Churchill Avenue, Boyer Street, Spruce Street, Arnott Avenue, Ross Street, Darwin Street, Parkhill Street, and Grace Street.

Stainthorpe explains "everything ties in nicely" for the choice, as the funding program's focused on safety and vehicle and pedestrian flow and would allow the Municipality to address multiple roads.

Stainthorpe says there's no specific design for the project yet - crosswalks, signage, and speed limits are expected to be discussed, though he believes it will be partly shaped by the traffic study to be presented to Council next month.

As for cost, the resolution passed by Council last night expects it to total $4,549,662.66 - excluding HST - from October 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2023, though the funding program is expected to cover 93.3% of the project, so the Municipality's only committing a total of $303,462.50 over four years: $3034.63 in 2019; $121,385 in 2020 and again in 2021; and $54,623.25 in 2022.

A response on the application isn't expected until the fall.