Wawa Council to Discuss Operating Budget and More in Back-to-Back Meetings

Wawa Municipal Council will take another look at the 2019 operating budget as part of back-to-back meetings tonight.

Council will start the night with a Policy Committee meeting, with items including the operating budget presented to Council on June 6th: it proposes a 2.11 percent property tax increase - mostly attributed to lower provincial government funding or grants - water rates would go up 4.5 percent and user fees would go up 2 to 5 percent.

The draft operating budget, CAO report, and presentation are available to the public on the municipal website, through Civic Web - plans are to resolve any potential issues tonight so the budget can go to a vote next Tuesday, June 25th.

Also on the agenda is a draft schedule of fees for 2019, the traffic study presented to Council two weeks ago, an overview of the Waterfront Project, a draft IT policy, and three letters: one regarding a request for designated parking; another for permission to inter; and the last from Algoma Public Health, about proposed changes to public health in Ontario.

Following the Policy meeting will be a regular meeting of Council, with the letters on designated parking and permission to inter both on that agenda, as well, along with by-laws adopting an asset management policy and authorizing an agreement for the supply of material, labour, and equipment for the installation of playground equipment at Dr. Rose's Beach.

Council will also go "in-camera" to discuss a legal issue involving outstanding invoices and a personal matter regarding a traffic concern.

Aside from the "in-camera" portion, tonight's meetings are open to the public, starting at 6:30 in Council Chambers.