Wawa Council Approves New Temporary Vendors Licence By-Law

Wawa has a new by-law covering temporary vendors.

Municipal Council's passed an updated by-law to licence and regulate temporary vendors - including transient traders, hawkers, and peddlers - which requires a business licence with the option of different lengths rather than the current option of one year.

There would be exemptions for certain Council-approved community events - like the By Hand Festival, Fall Fair, and Winter Carnival - and special exemptions at the Goose Nest Summer Market, as explained by Municipal CAO/Treasurer Maury O'Neill.

O'Neill notes the by-law does - however - include a ban on door-to-door sales.

O'Neill adds there are exemptions to the door-to-door sales ban.

Under the by-law, vendors will also need permission to sell on private property - and would need to be able to show proof of that permission - and would be banned from selling on municipal boulevards or sidewalks.

When asked how quickly licenses would be issued, it was suggested that the process would take longer than simply 24 hours, likely at least 48 to 72 hours.