Two Confirmed Dead in Hawk Junction Plane Crash

Two people were killed in yesterday's small plane crash in Hawk Junction.

Superior East Ontario Provincial Police say investigation has confirmed that two adults - both of the plane's occupants - are deceased as a result of the crash, though any information about their identities is being withheld until post-mortem examinations are held at an unspecified later date.

The Transportation Safety Board has confirmed investigators are on site and are expected to remain all of today and tomorrow as they conduct "field work", which could include interviews.

So far, investigators have determined that the commercial de Havilland DHC-2 - or "Beaver" - float plane had taken off from Hawk Lake around 9 o'clock Thursday morning - headed for Oba Lake - but crashed beside the power substation on Montgomery Avenue shortly after takeoff.

While there was no fire, the plane was heavily damaged, which is expected to make the investigation more difficult.

Investigators are expected to determine within the next week what "level" of investigation is needed - there are five.

OPP remain at the scene, with Montgomery Avenue currently closed to all but local traffic until the on-scene investigation's complete - the public is asked to avoid that area during this time.