Wawa EDC Announces New Economic Development Director

Shah Mohamed - picture supplied by Wawa EDC

Shah Mohamed - picture supplied by Wawa EDC

The new Economic Development Director of Wawa's Economic Development Corporation is expressing excitement over the job - and prospects for the community.

Shah Mohamed - who started the job Monday, July 22nd - explains he worked in community development for more than fifteen years, and draws "a lot" of his grounding for programs and approaches from that perspective.

Mohamed notes he's also "very much tapped in" around social enterprise, and sees the importance of fostering an environment to support entrepreneurs, noting the challenges for smaller - and especially Northern communities - from the cyclical nature of industries like forestry and mining, though he does see potential opportunities that might not be available to more urban areas.

While Mohamed wants to encourage entrepreneurs, he adds there's other important "facets" of the job, too.

Mohamed also emphasizes the importance of a "longer-term vision", adding he's "very excited" to "contribute what [he] can to forward the ends" of the Wawa EDC and economic development across Northern Ontario.

A release from the EDC notes Mohamed’s from Toronto, and touts him for being "well versed in community development and economic principles" and for caring deeply about the environment and believing "people are the greatest asset of any business, company, or community".

EDC Chair Andy Stevens is quoted as saying the search for the "right fit" for the role was "extensive", but he believes Mohamed will "make a significant contribution to the life of our community".