Ontario's Ministry of Transportation Announces Connecting Link Funding For Wawa

Ontario's Ministry of Transportation has confirmed "Connecting Link" funding for Wawa's Mission Road and Main Street.

A provincial government release touts $30-million for 25 Connecting Link projects in 23 municipalities across the province, including $3-million for "reconstruction" of Mission Road and Main Street in Wawa.

Connecting Link funding covers up to 90% of eligible project costs - up to $3-million - covering design, construction, renewal, rehabilitation, and replacement of municipal roads and bridges that run through communities and connect to provincial highways.

Mayor Ron Rody actually announced the funding earlier this week, reading a letter from Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney during Tuesday's special Council meeting, and noting this wasn't the Municipality's first attempt at funding for the project.

The proposed plan is to change Mission Road from two lanes of traffic each way to one each direction with a middle turning lane and bike lanes, while adding three controlled crosswalks.

Mayor Rody expects public consultation this fall, with plans to be confirmed over the winter so construction can happen next summer.