Superior East OPP Remind Drivers to Slow Down and Move Over This Long Weekend

Ontario Provincial Police are marking the Civic Holiday long weekend by cracking down on drivers who don't slow down and move over for emergency vehicles.

Emphasizing the requirement is meant for the safety of emergency services - including tow trucks - Superior East OPP Constable Trevor Tremblay explains the "Move Over" law enacted in 2003.

Tremblay adds there's another important aspect of the law: slow down.

OPP note they laid nearly 1900 "move over" charges in 2018, adding there were close to 700 incidents in the past five years in which an OPP vehicle was struck by another vehicle while parked or stopped on the roadside.

A first-time offence could lead to a fine from $400 to $2000 and three demerit points, though subsequent violations could net fines from $1000 to $4000, suspension of your driver's licence for up to two years, and up to six months jail time.