Public Consultations for Mine Waste Disposal Proposal for Gogama-Area Gold Project

Public consultations have been launched on a proposal for mine waste disposal for a Gogama-area gold project.

Environment and Climate Change Canada says it's seeking comments from the public and Indigenous groups on proposed amendments to Schedule 2 of the Metal and Diamond Mining Effluent Regulations, which would allow the Côté Gold Project to use water bodies for mine waste disposal.

It's also considering applying the "Streamlining the Approvals Process for Metal Mines with Tailings Impoundment Areas", which would allow the amendments to skip pre-publication and go to final publication.

A public consultation session's being held in Gogama tonight, though comments are being accepted until November 1st.

IAMGOLD's proposing an open-pit gold mine which would include an on-site metal mill and four structures for diverting water, located about 20 kilometres southwest of Gogama.