Setup Begins for Wawa Drag Races - With Kickoff Event Coming

Preparations are revving up for Wawa's annual drag races.

The Wawa Municipal Airport is now closed for the weekend, as setup will begin at noon for this weekend's Northern Nationals Drag Races.

While that means a disruption to service at the airport - preventing "fixed-wing aircraft" from landing - Wawa's Acting Community Services and Tourism Director, Brian Lachine, assures some form of medical transportation is still possible.

Lachine adds that Ornge - Ontario's air ambulance service - is aware of the situation, and has used a helicopter for a medical evacuation during the drag races before.

As setup nears, Wawa Dragway Committee Chair Rob Sanderson notes volunteers are welcome to come and help out.

Sanderson adds volunteers are also welcome for the rest of the weekend - and he adds the Wawa Motor Inn's hosting the "Rev-Up Night" kickoff event at 6 this evening.

Driver pre-registration for the drag races runs from 4 to 9 today at the Community Centre, with registration at the Community Centre tomorrow from 8 to 1, when it will move to the Airport.