Procedural By-Law Revision Discussed by Wawa Council

Revisions for Wawa's procedural by-law are being mulled over by Wawa Municipal Council.

Clerk Cathy Cyr discussed the by-law during last night's Corporate Planning Committee meeting, noting a draft was provided to Council in July.

Cyr highlighted a few parts of the by-law to consider, including the possibility of including a "territorial acknowledgement" for certain meetings or ceremonies, and Council was asked to consider a new agenda format, giving input on things they'd like removed from or added to that agenda style.

Also questioned is whether Council wanted to maintain the current meeting schedule - meeting on the first and third Tuesday of the month, except for certain months - and Cyr recommended renaming the "Corporate Planning" and "Policy Manual" committees as "Committee of the Whole" - the two committees are made up of the members of Council and have consistently held joint meetings, rather than separate.

Cyr also asked whether Council wished to allow or prohibit members from participating in meetings "electronically", outlining proposed if it is allowed, including that no more than two councillors could participate electronically at one time - as councillors attending electronically wouldn't count toward the required "quorum" for a meeting, so three members would need to be there physically - and councillors would only be allowed to attend electronically twice per term, though they would not be able to participate electronically in a closed meeting.

She also recommended Council review the by-law annually, though there is a process outlined for early review.

The draft revised by-law will be posted on the municipal website for public comment until October 2nd.