Local Police Urge Public to "Protect Your Assets"

Local police are warning everyone to "protect your assets" after a break-and-enter in Chapleau.

Superior East Ontario Provincial Police say the incident happened last Thursday, September 19th, with an unknown suspect entering the residence through an insecure patio door - several items were taken from a purse near the door.

While police say this was "seemingly minor in nature", they emphasize such incidents "have potential to be far more serious depending on the motive of the suspect or suspects".

Though they acknowledge it is very common in smaller towns for people to leave their homes and vehicles insecure at night, Superior East OPP warn they respond to many property crimes that could have easily been prevented by ensuring: vehicle and home windows and doors are shut and locked; garages and outbuildings are closed and secured; outside lights are on at night; valuables - including keys, wallets, cash, and garage door openers - are removed from vehicles.

Police also advise against hiding keys in secret places - recommending instead leaving a duplicate with a friend or neighbour - and suggest recording or taking photos of the serial numbers of your property.