Back to School Time for Local Students

It's back to school time.

After an extended Labour Day long weekend - with a PD Day on Tuesday - students are returning to local schools today, for a full day of classes.

Chapleau Elementary and Secondary School Principal Nicolle Schuurman says the day starts normally for the younger students.

Schuurman reminds it's a "balanced day" for elementary students, with two "nutrition breaks", so parents are reminded lunches would be needed for both breaks - though she emphasizes the school is "nut free".

As for secondary students, Schuurman notes they can arrive at the same time as elementary students, with a full day planned.

Sir James Dunn Public School Principal Tarmo Poldmaa says the Wawa elementary school also has a full day planned - starting at 8:45 am - and warns parents that some important information will be going home with students.

Poldmaa further highlights the school board's attempts to become "cashless".

Poldmaa notes the school's breakfast program should be back this year - but not immediately - and reminds that Sir James Dunn usually holds a welcome barbecue for parents and students within the first couple weeks of the year.