Chapleau Re-Elects Mayor With Current Councillors, Former Councillor, and New Councillor

Chapleau Mayor Michael Levesque will serve a second term.

The former school principal beat out local businessman Ryan Bignucolo, with unofficial results showing 538 votes for Levesque, compared to 473 for Bignucolo - a tighter margin than the 2014 election.

Levesque expresses relief at the news.

Levesque says priorities for the coming term include two major infrastructure projects - a study of downtown revitalization starting in the spring and work on Elgin Street - though he'll also focus on "quality of life", including getting more committees working for beautification and leisure, as well as an OPP proposal for a "Wellness Committee", which he says could focus on drugs in the community.

While Levesque won, Bignucolo is looking at the silver lining for his results.

In regard to the closer race this year, Bignucolo suggested Chapleau’s “headed in the right direction” - but it was “not enough to turn the path” - and urged Levesque to focus on what is best for the community, emphasizing it’s important that Chapleau moves forward.

As for councillors, unofficial results show current councillor Rick Smith - who was appointed in January 2017 - received 681 votes, followed by incumbent Gerard Bernier with 642, then Chapleau Public School Principal Nicolle Schuurman with 548, and 496 for Chapleau High School's acting vice principal Lisi Bernier, who was also a councillor until 2014.

Shut out of seats are Our Lady of Fatima elementary school principal Natalie Tessier with 492 votes and local teacher Alex Lambruschini with 466.