Wawa Elects Mix of Current and New Councillors

Wawa will have a mix of returning and new council members in the coming term.

Bill Chiasson, Mitch Hatfield, Robert Reece, and Pat Tait will join returning mayor Ron Rody, who was acclaimed to a second term.

This will be Chiasson's third term on Council and the first full term for Tait, who was appointed in April - Hatfield and Reece are new to the role.

Unofficial results show Tait received 610 votes, followed by Chiasson with 596, Reece with 407, and Hatfield with 395.

Shut out of seats were Cathy Cannon - who had 375 votes - James Brown with 339, and Sandra Weitzel with only 287 - she was appointed to Council in February 2017.

Tait says he’s happy to have his appointed role on Council confirmed.

Chiasson expresses optimism for the coming term.

Reece is pleased with his win, and looking forward to the new term.

Hatfield is looking forward to her first term as a councillor.

Unofficial results show a low turnout: only 39.8 percent of eligible voters cast ballots, much lower than 2014's 66.5 percent, though Rody believes "a number of factors" contributed to the low turnout.

Rody says he's looking forward to working with the Council, with priorities including projects currently underway and the budget.