Wawa Council To Decide How To Fill Vacancies

Wawa Municipal Council's set to decide their vacancy procedure - just hours after ending a call for potential councillors.
A resolution on vacancy procedure's included on the agenda for tonight's Corporate Planning and Policy Manual Committee meeting, as well as a special meeting expected to be held after the committee meeting.
While Council had been accepting expressions of interest for potential councillors to fill two vacant seats, they have yet to confirm how appointees would be chosen if there are more than two applicants.
The deadline has now passed - it was 2 o'clock this afternoon.
Also on the agenda for tonight's committee meeting is a C-A-O report on the 2018 capital budget, fundraising for cemetery beautification, and a resignation from the Community Development Committee.
There is a second item on the agenda for tonight's special meeting: a by-law regarding a funding agreement.
The meetings are scheduled to be held back-to-back, starting at 6 o'clock in Council chambers.