Wawa Council Decides How It Will Fill Vacancies

Wawa Municipal Council has confirmed their procedure for choosing two new councillors.
Council's approved a process similar to the one used in August 2015, though Mayor Ron Rody notes there's a slight change in what happens after Council hears from the candidates.

While the recommendation of which two candidates to appoint will come from a closed session, Mayor Rody assures that the final decision - including the vote itself - will be done in open session.
Deputy Clerk Cathy Cyr's confirmed to JJAM FM News that five expressions of interest were submitted, though one failed to meet the deadline of 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, leaving four potential candidates.
They have yet to be certified as meeting the legislated requirements for a councillor, though that is expected in the coming days, with the remaining candidates to be revealed after that is done.
Exactly when Council will hear from the candidates and choose the two new councillors hasn't been confirmed, though the next regular meeting of Council is scheduled for March 13th.