Potential Wawa Councillors Revealed

Four potential councillors will appear before Wawa Municipal Council next week.
The Municipality of Wawa's Deputy Clerk, Cathy Cyr, has confirmed to JJAM FM News that Catherine Cannon, Julia Rowe, Pat Tait, and Robert Reece are the four candidates to fill two vacant seats.
A fifth expression of interest was received, but after the deadline, so it was not considered.
Council is using a process similar to the one used to replace Councillor James Neufeld in August 2015.
Mayor Ron Rody explained that process after it was confirmed by Council two weeks ago.

In addition to the names of the candidates, Deputy Clerk Cathy Cyr has confirmed that the interviews will be done in a special meeting will be held next week, at 6 pm on Thursday, March 15th, just days after the next regular meeting of Council, which will be held Tuesday, March 13th.
As usual, the meeting will be held in Council Chambers and will be open to the public to attend.