Wawa Residents May See Smaller Tax Bills For 2018

Many Wawa residents could see their tax bills dropping this year.
Municipal CAO/Clerk-Treasurer Chris Wray notes - while the newly-passed budget does include a levy increase of nearly $18,000 - that will be covered by increased assessments rather than an increased rate.
As for the effect on tax bills, Wray says the average change for the 1372 residential properties listed will actually be a $20 reduction, mostly due to a change in assessments.

Wray says the average for "commercial occupied" properties is also down, with the increase coming from "commercial unoccupied" properties - like mining claims or places with no structures - with the 434 properties in that category seeing an average rise of $126.
Water and sewer rates are rising - up 4% for the year - though Wray also reminds this should be the last year using the current fee structure for water and sewer services, expecting rates using the water meters to be in force for January 1st.