Michipicoten Golf Club Open For The Season

Wawa golfers can now start hitting the greens.
The Michipicoten Golf Club officially opens for the season today, with pins and tees out front, though Club President Craig Spooner does note you may need to walk for the first few days, suggesting you ask at the club whether carts can be used at this time.
While the Club is opening for the season, Spooner is urging all golfers to get their memberships - particularly due to financial concerns at the Club.

Spooner emphasizes membership revenue helps sustain the club "moving forward", and the club can't afford to see it decrease again.
Aside from memberships, Spooner says the Club is also looking at another way to help: reviving attempts to get rid of shareholder status, which was granted to those who helped build the course in the 1960s, and was not ended when the club went non-profit in 1979.

While an attempt to get rid of shareholder status about a decade ago failed, Spooner underscores the benefits of being a true non-profit, and encourages shareholders to talk with him about the proposal.
League nights are also set to start next week - Wednesday, May 30th for the Ladies and Thursday the 31st for the Men - with the Seniors league to start soon and Junior Golf to begin after the school year ends.